Park-a-Day, Day 013

Here’s what’s happening - in 2021, two operators ( N5HA, Kenneth Bailey & W9AV, Clint Sprott ) managed to work at least 1 park every UTC day. My goal for 2022 is to do the same, and to try and write a short post about the day’s first contact. If you want to play along, feel free - I’ll be sharing updates about it during the monthly POTA updates that I prepare for the various ham radio media outlets.

now that you’re in the know about the Baily-Sprott Challenge, here’s the scoop for today:

Bailey-Sprott Challenge Update

Today made me think that at some point during they year, I might actaully have to ‘relearn’ the CW that I started learning a couple years back. I had peaked at like 7 wpm before family life got busy and I didn’t really have time to practice it anymore. As a result I’ve only got like 3 or 4 CW QSOs in my log. I had this thought, because for a while this morning the only stations that seemed to be on, were CW stations. Most of the folx that do POTA CW are great ops, and more than willing to QRS (slow down) for a noob, but I’ve got to knock the dust and cobwebs off the key (both literally and figuratively) before I’ll feel comfortable doing that. A wise sage once told me though, on this very topic to “Suck it up, buttercup” so I suppose it’s probably time to take that advice and just start getting on the air, since I should be able to muddle my way through all the letters after a couple refresher sessions.

For today though, eventually the SSB stations did get on the air, and my first QSO ended being Kieran, VA3KS who was doing a 2fer at VE-1596 and VE-4882. Incidentally, this isn’t my first time working Kieran this year - I got him at the same 2 parks just a few days ago, but on that day he was my 4th or 5th contact.

Bailey-Sprott Challenge Status: 13 for 13.