Towering 30 Feet Above Witmer PA

Primary AREDN Node (N3VEM-Thistlefield)

Band: 2.4GHz Ch: -2 Width: 10MHz SSID: AREDN-10-v3 Antenna: 13dBi Omnidirectional Vertical

Mobile AREDN Node (N3VEM-GroundControl)

Band: 2.4GHz Ch: -2 Width: 10MHz SSID: AREDN-10-v3 Antenna: Varies by deployment


The N3VEM repeater site now includes a permanent AREDN node, and I also have a portable node that is designated to travel with me to launch sites while we have our fun with the Radio Rocket!

I am located in an ‘empty’ space roughly halfway between Harrisburg and Philadelphia, patiently waiting to be reached from one end or the other as more folx put up RF nodes :-)

If you are nearby and can manage to get an antenna up 30 feet or so, the image at the header of this page is where you should be able to reach me from (a roughly linear path between Lancaster City and the Welsh Mountains, with some smatterings of linkable areas from high points a little farther west, north, and south.).

If you are in range, or close to being in range, and thinking about putting up a node, let me know, and I’d probably be willing to put up something directional pointed at you to see if we can make a successful link!

Current services available on my nodes

  • Primary Node (N3VEM-Thistlefield)
    • File Server with 8TB of storage
    • Dashboard display with live data during our Rocket Launches
    • A Mirror of this Blog
    • A basic webpage to serve as a specific “home on the mesh”
    • A couple other bonus things that you’ll discover if you can reach me via the mesh (easter eggs?)
  • Mobile Node (N3VEM-GroundControl)
    • a Direwolf server acting as an AGWPE modem and a TCP KISS modem, for feeding data to APRS clients on the mesh.
      • note - this is only live during launches.