Field Day PR

First - the plugs:

support some repeaters financially, or with donations of equipment, or by connecting an existing repeater to the Pride Network

Buy some cool stuff to support my passion projects!

Field Day is During Pride Month!

Clubs that are so inclined, should use the opportunity to show that their club is welcoming to everyone, by flying the colors at their field day site! To encourage promotion of Pride at Field Day sites, I’m going to do a little last minute contest!

The Biggest, Boldest, Pride Display at a Field Day Site Wins!

To ‘enter’ send your pictures of your Field Day Pride Display to:

or post them to mastodon and tag me,, in the post.

The winner will be chosen by a distinguished panel of judges (my family!), and will be able to choose any 3 clothing items from my Subversive Radio Shop to give to the members of their club or group that they think would most appreciate them!

fine print - winners will only be chosen from places I can ship too - see the shop for details on shipping locations for clothing items. All Items must be shipped to a single address, with the winner taking care of distributing the items to their club/group members on their own. Pictures should include enough in-frame to make it clear that the display is at an ARRL Field Day site.