Net Control

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Net Control for the NARS Club Net

Last night was my first time ever being net control! I volunteered to host a monthly net for the Narwhal Amateur Radio Society (NR7WL), of which I am a proud member. The Pride Radio Network graciously has allowed us to connect our hub to their network, so that our members (and non-members!) can connect via the plethora of bridges they have set up (DMR, YSF, D-Star, P-25, NXDN, Allstar, Echolink, etc.)

Because I figured we’d probably only have a handful of check-ins for this first time around, I decided to do the net “E-Cars” style, where as net control, I’m on for the hour, and just put out periodic calls for check-ins. I felt like that went very well, and it made me wonder why more repeater-based and network-based nets don’t run in that style, instead of the “be here at the exact right moment” variants.

I felt like it makes it easier for participants, because they can show up whenever they want during the hour, and it takes the pressure to feel like the airtime has to be filled up, off the net control and other participates. Instead, it makes it a time where you just kind of hang out, call for check-ins periodically, and either chit chat with folx who checked in, or wait quietly while multi-tasking between check-ins, based on whatever the net control, participants, and vibe for the net seem to dictate.

Anyway - I had a blast! If you’re potentially interested in checking in in the future, here are the net details:

Narwhat Amateur Radio Society Monthly Net Details

Check out the Narwhal Amateur Radio Society, and our Nets Page (details coming soon, if they aren’t already there!) for more info.

Net details as follows:

Narwhal Amateur Radio Society Monthly Net

Time: 1st Tuesday of Every Month at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern

Location: Hosted on the NR7WL Allstar Node (61672), the N3VEM Repeater (Allstar 56001 & Echolink 994842), and the Pride Radio Network.

We’d like to specifically thank the Pride Group for allowing us to connect our hub to their system - The Pride Radio Network enables club members and non-members wishing to check in to connect via DMR, System Fusion, D-Star, IRLP, Echolink, M-17, NXDN, P-25, Hams over IP, Hamshack Hotline, plus some others. Be sure to check out the Pride Radio Network site as they regularly make updates and improvements to their network.

If you want to join the net via Allstar, you can simply point any Allstar enabled repeater, hotspot, or VOIP application at node 61672 during the net. If you’d like to connect via any of the other modes mentioned, please visit the Pride Radio Network Information Page for details on node numbers etc.

The NARS Club Net is a directed net, and also serves as a 1 hour time slot where net control will be monitoring the hub even if there are no check-ins. This means that folx can feel free to check in at any point during the hour that works for them; just tune in and listen for the preamble and call for check-ins which will be repeated periodically, or throw out your callsign if a few minutes goes by and you don’t hear anything.

When checking in, feel free to share your name and location as you are comfortable (or not), answer the net question, and/or share anything else that is on your mind. We strive to be welcoming and accommodating, so don’t worry about whether or not you are ‘doing it right’ - with us, you’re always doing it right as long as you’re following the guidelines of your license and having fun!

Please refer to the Narwhal Code of Conduct, which governs our behavior during the net.