Park-a-Day, Day 112

Here’s what’s happening - in 2021, two operators (N5HA, Kenneth Bailey & W9AV, Clint Sprott) managed to work at least 1 park every UTC day. My goal for 2022 is to do the same, and to try and write a short post about the day’s first contact. If you want to play along, feel free - I’ll be sharing updates about it during the monthly POTA updates that I prepare for the various ham radio media outlets.

now that you’re in the know about the Baily-Sprott Challenge, here’s the scoop for today:

Bailey-Sprott Challenge Update

The bands really seem to have been on fire in the late evenings recently. Thanks to the lateshift folx, I was able to get a small handful of contacts for the day, before I even went to bed! The lateshift person for the day though that I managed to catch first was Keith, KD2PWB who was activating at K-5221.

Bailey-Sprott Challenge Status: 112 for 112

In other news - I had a couple of POTA logo shirst custom printed so that I’d have some fancier digs to wear when I record the POTA updates. They were custom 1-offs that I had made and aren’t available for sale from any of the standard shops, but they suit me pretty well. You’ll have to watch for the next monthly update to see the first of them :-)