A hole by my feet

Firstly, if you’re a repeat visitor and noticed that the look of my blog has completely changed, I have a little background on the reasons behind the change in my post welcoming everyone to my new blog. Go ahead and check that out if you’re curious about the changes.

Now that you’ve checked that out, or skipped ahead because you just don’t care (don’t worry, my feelings won’t be hurt!) I have just a quick tidbit to share.

For a while I had been using a little pushbutton under my desk for my PTT switch, but I really wanted to be able to have both of my hands free for logging, typing, etc. while making QSOs. With that in mind, I decided to finally get a couple foot-switches.

While they worked great, I did not love how the cords were hanging, so I ordered up another one of these little wall pass-through plates, so that the cords could go through the wall and up to the back of the rigs in the service area behind my desk, without needing to be draped all over the place. I’m pleased with how tidy it keeps things.

P.S. - these foot switches are very inexpensive, but they’ve worked great for me so far. Don’t pay big $$ just because something is advertised by a big-name brand - do a google search for industrial foot switches, or check out the ones I got on Amazon, and enjoy keeping all the extra cash in your wallet!

These are the affiliate links to the stuff I grabbed for this - enjoy!