Welcome to the new N3VEM blog

Welcome to the new home of N3VEM

If you’ve visited my site before, you’ll notice that things suddenly look a whole lot different. I’ve decided to “freshen up” the virtual part of the hamshack for a number of reasons. Firstly, when I started my blog it was from the view of a “new”, “youngish”, ham radio operator. While I’m still new and young compared to many hams, I’m now nearly 40 (wow, it hurts to see that in writing!), and have been at this ham radio thing since 2014. Life has changed a lot since I started the blog, so moving forward you’ll likely see most of my content focusing on my home shack, projects, and portable stuff as it relates to POTA (I’m one of the volunteer developers, so I enjoy sharing my insights from time to time.)

Without getting too wordy, let me highlight the reasons most directly related to the changes you’re seeing here:

  • My on going shack automation project required me to set up some web server space

  • I was paying a lot of money to (unnamed hosting company) and could save a few bucks consolidating away from their hosting/blogging platform, and moving to being “self-hosted” on the server(s) I’m in the process of setting up.

  • The goal is to do everything for my shack in the most open-source method possible, including my blog. Eventually the markdown files etc. for my posts will be on github, and I might even open it up so that if anyone is so inclined, they could write a “guest post” and submit it via a github pull request.

Now that you can see the changes, and you know some of the reasons - I hope you check back regularly to see what I’m up to, and maybe even offer me some suggestions based on what you see!