A financial record keep book laying on top of journal sheets, alongside a bundle of cash, eyeglasses, and a calculator.  Attribution: Statement of financial affairs by Nick Youngson, license creativecommons CC BY-SA 3.0 from http://pix4free.org

Monetary Gifts and Uses

Since April 2024
last updated 5/31/2024

Category 2024
—————————— ————
Cash & Equivalent $366
—————————— ————
Maintenance & Repairs $68
Parts $118
—————————— ————
Net $180

Amounts rounded to nearest whole $

  • Cash & Equivalent: This line is net gifts, after the fees that the various processors charge. Gifts include amounts spent from N3VEM’s personal account on items for the project.
  • Maintenance & Repairs are costs for service of equipment and parts used during service of equipment
  • Parts are items purchased to get equipment on the air (accessories, harnesses, hardware, etc.)
  • Equipment is purchases of larger equipment like repeaters, transceivers, duplexers, etc.

Equipment Purchases

Equipment QTY Status
—————————— —— ————

Donated Equipment

Equipment QTY Status
—————————— —— ————
Kenwood TK840-1 mobile 2 A
MFJ 4230MV Power Supply 1 IBP
Motorola GR1225 1 S
—————————— —— ——

Status Key:

  • IBP: Inventory or Build in Progress. This means the particular piece of equipment is either in inventory waiting to be used, or is part of a build actively in progress.

  • S: Service. Equipment is either actively being repaired, upgraded, etc. or is on standby to be serviced.

  • A: Active. This means the particular pice of equipment is in service at one of the repeater sites.

  • R: Retired/Decommissioned. Item no longer viable, has been scraped or broken down for parts.